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Kristi-Anne Horvat Owner & Founder of MYSTICROSECREATIVE & Co.When Kristi-Anne started developing MYSTICROSE Creative & Co., she knew right away; she wanted to make her platform more than just her own creations. She has a passion for creating handmade products and wished to network with other creators, not only from her local community but all across Canada –  building meaningful, lasting relationships with like-minded small business owners.

Combined with this dream was also a desire to make a difference. With a deep affection for the environment and the well-being of all creatures, it was vital that the products promoted and sold were not just Canadian-made but that all substances used in the production of the products met cruelty-free standards. In its dedication to the environment, MYSTICROSE Creative & Co. is devoted to being eco-friendly and promotes sustainability by using recyclable materials and re-purposing packaging. By buying from MRCC, you contribute to the preservation of the natural world by reducing the environmental footprint.

For her love of all creatures, great and small, Kristi-Anne has spent many years supporting and volunteering for local animal rescues in the GTA.  She felt it was important that her business also reflects her personal values and to make a positive contribution to the lives of animals in need.  To fulfil that goal, MRCC will be donating a percentage of every purchase to local animal shelter. By supporting our network of small businesses, you are also aiding creatures across Canada who cannot help themselves receive the love, care and hope they all deserve.

At MYSTICROSE Creative & Co., you can feel good about supporting small businesses, buying products made by other creators in your local communities, aiding in the well being of animals, and reducing the environmental impact.

Thank you for your support!

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